Why the blockchain economy needs Centive

Since sharing our project with the community – some experts have been asking us, why does the blockchain economy need another incentive platform. Infact, some have taken it to themselves to weigh in, judge and even try to influence negative perception on our project ( we will not name the people).

Our goals remain intact, and our progress – very promising. Infact, our community growth has accelerated rapidly. Barely 24 hours after launch, our Telegram group have grown leaps and bounds, into the 5 digits.

To counter potential concerns, we have repeatedly debated what is Centive, and what is it trying to achieve. We have identified 3 points that sets us apart.


Since its inception, the Centive project has set out as a priority to drive adoption of products that utilize blockchain to achieve – automation, friction reduction, and to generate savings.

There are, admittedly many projects (that raised tonnes of funding) with fancy ideas in mind. But we are proud to admit that Centive is only focused on building products that people (and businesses) would adopt and use because its convenient, not because it’s cool to have.

>Experience in Venture Building

Our founders hail from the top technology and startup companies in Southeast Asia. As anyone who has started up a company before, they know that building a company goes beyond the “product”. Hiring, growing a team, training, marketing, adminstration and proper financial controls are as paramount as building a good product.

It is not a wonder why many ICO projects pack up and close shop in less than a year – due to irresponsible spending, fancy offices, high salaries, and no focus to achieve profitability. Centive will be different. We focus on profitability, and controlling our burn rate. We are proud of having bootstrapped the company to ICO.

>Good products

All the popular social and marketing platforms (think Facebook, Twitter) did not achieve the features they have today in a blink of an eye. People often mistaken a good product for an ambitious product. At Centive, we develop neat products, with features that people are looking to use from Day 1. This way, we reduce waste, and we have faster development cycles.

It is by no means a rushed production, but rather – in this fast paced environment, it allows us to be competitive, and our products will be purposeful.


All in all, the 3 points that sets us apart has a similar theme. The Centive project will be reliable investment, because we observe conservativeness in cash burn, while allowing us to achieve progress and profitability in the quickest time possible. An experienced team (like Centive’s) will allow us to avoid as many pitfalls as possible, which in turn generates savings.

Because we aim first and foremost to achieve profitability, this will ensure sustainability and the going concern of Centive’s token into the future.

We want a future where Centive’s investors are taken care of.