The Low Down on Centive

Thanks to a supportive community, our following have been growing exponentially. We originally designed our deck, and 1-pager to be bite-sized so anyone can read and understand. However, we feel compelled to provide a proper low-down for everyone’s benefit.

The primary problems we are looking to solve :-

> Inefficient data collection by many advertising platforms, to the detriment of businesses who rely on such information

> Advertising process is largely inefficient, and consists of too many middlemen (which also explains the high price)

> Community largely ignored. Social media platforms do not reward their community

> General lack of adoption of blockchain-based products/platforms by value creators (businesses, genuine customers) , either due to regulations or products that are not user-friendly

How we solve the problem:-

> Build a profitable business that is sustainable; to ensure token holders that the ecosystem will be there in decades to come. It is too risky NOT TO build a sustainable business since ICO fund raising can only be done once

> Make awesome products that people want to use

> Drive adoption through multiple use cases, and product life-cycle management

> All these are made possible mainly with an experienced, proven team.


> Not raising enough

Future goals:-

> To build an all-encompassing lifestyle and media platform, using exclusively Centive tokens. We envisioned over 30 use cases (and growing) eventually, but we need to only start with a few that works, and quickly become profitable.