Centive aims to reshape the incentive industry


Centive aims to reshape the incentive industry
Why Centive believes it’s the next big thing


Singapore : Today, Centive Technologies Corporation announces its plans to reshape the incentive industry. Centive will be introducing a cutting edge platform to be used both by businesses and consumers. Centive’s easy to use platform is powered by blockchain and will bring together value creators; who will benefit from blockchain’s frictionless, and ultra-low-cost transactions.

Its platform use cases range from enabling cashbacks, running affiliate networks, and even crowdfunding. Socially responsible brands who want to give back to the community can easily support community charity projects listed on its platform. Cutting edge features such as “pay-it-forward” also enable brands and consumers to give back to the community. Centive believes that its platform creates opportunities for participants from all walks of life.

“We have approached and have been approached by a good number of companies. They like what our platform could potentially achieve. Many company owners agree with our philosophy that incentivising can be made simpler, and if it can benefit the community, that would change the whole industry overnight. If I must be honest, not everyone loved the idea of giving discounts to consumers in the current economic climate. But they all agreed that if they could save on agency fees, it would be worthwhile. We may be sitting on the next big thing, but our team will continue to work hard and smart”, said Benjamin Ryu, COO of Centive.

Centive continues to see a wide range of application for its blockchain-based incentive network. If its plans materialize, Centive sees a place for itself not only in cashbacks and rebates, but affiliate networks, crowdfunding, tipping, charities, and content monetisation.


About Centive Technologies Corporation: Centive Technologies Corporation is an internet and technology company with presence in Singapore, and operations around the world. Founded in 2018, it is helmed by executives formerly from Rocket Internet, Alibaba, and ad giants in Europe. For more information, visit centive.org


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