Asset management and Venture building

We would like to announce that we will refund with immediate effect the funds raised through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which ended on Oct 31, 2018. We have raised funds through our website portal, and private investors but unfortunately had failed to hit the softcap of US$14 million. This will also mean a complete termination and cease of operations on all distributions of token airdrops and also bounties campaign distribution as the project will be terminated. We will still plan to still go ahead with exchange listing in November. We would like to deeply apologize to loyal supporters for failing to roll out as per the original roadmap.

What is Centive?

Centive is an asset management and venture building company. We build and invest in leading tech, crypto & blockchain ventures. Centive is built by executives who formerly hail from top technology startups in Asia and Middle East. Our executives are experts in transportation, ecommerce, and venture building in the region – with background in crypto and blockchain since 2012.

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